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Praise for Seven Acts of Courage

"Robert Staub's The 7 Acts of Courage supplies tools that have allowed me to take a more introspective look at life and enhance my leadership and personal growth. He affirms that success or failure in life is totally up to me, based on my ability to find and apply courage."
Edward M. G., United States Ambassador to Morocco

"This book provides the missing piece between knowing in my heart what I need to do and discovering how to do it. I recommend it to anyone ready to discover the next level of meaning in life."
Annette S., author of Territorial Games and president of Group Process Consulting

"This book is so delightful and easy to read. Through the authentic voice of Dusty Staub come compelling stories, pragmatic tools, courageous inspiration, and centered guidance. Life again sings, and so will you as you read this remarkable book."
Jane Penland H., president and CEO, PenStorkes, and former president and CEO, Clairmont Oaks

"Every once in a while, a book comes along that touches your soul, moves you, and helps you grow. You're holding that book in your hands now: It will help you open your heart to exercise greater courage, to view your life's potential, and to fulfill the purpose of your soul."
Dave R., Ph.D., Director, UK Product Marketing, Nortel

"For those who wish to live a balanced, healthy, and happy life, this results-oriented yet loving book provides a structure for action, and a method for finding more fulfilling personal relationships and a more productive work life. It shows that only the individual has the power to initiate changes that ultimately result in lasting happiness."
Richard H. R., Partner, Alcalde & Fay, & Former Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Energy (1993-96)

"While others provide "soup" for the soul, Staub not only succeeds in providing a balanced meal, he supplies the recipe! This work poignantly illustrates the acts of courage required to define who we are and to discover the difference we can make if we put forth the effort to try."
Bill C., COO, Echevarria, McCalla, Raymer, Barrett & Frappier, Attorneys-at-Law

"The 7 Acts of Courage unfolds into a masterful, self-directed voyage to the center of your being. I personally have used these truths to approach my potential, resulting in greater self-esteem, healing relationships, and a previously unknown appreciation of our power to love and grow."
Russ M., COO, Hickory Brands

"The 7 Acts of Courage definitely brings more heart into the workplace and reminds us that it takes courage to act, to live, to love, and to lead by example."
Dan M., Best-Selling Author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior & Everyday Enlightenment

"In this book, Staub reminds us that to transform ourselves requires self-knowledge and the wisdom to separate the true from the false in ourselves: love from emotion, vulnerability from weakness, joy from sentiment, inner peace from detachment. The 7 Acts of Courage accomplishes the crucial work of bringing spiritual values and psychological understanding into the marketplace of business and daily life. It is a lucid and moving invitation for each of us to live heroic lives distinguished by excellence at every level."
Richard M, M.D., Author of The "I"That is "We", The Second Miracle, and The Black Butterfly

"The 7 Acts of Courage represents a leap of faith and an opportunity to reconnect to our true selves. Staub's unique approach applies the power of dreams, visions, confrontations, and vulnerability to restore our courage to move and act in decisive, ethical patterns."
Lee W. K., Jr., Ed.D., Retired News Anchor, WFMY-TV (CBS), Greensboro, North Carolina