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Build the Cardiovascular System
of Your Soul.

Seven Acts of Courage

Seven Acts of Courage Cover

 Learn to create significance in your life , at work and at home.

Dynamic Focus
Courage in the Valley of Death Cover

Make death your guide to live a filler, more joyful life.

Courage in the Valley of Death

About Dynamic Spiral Press

At Dynamic Spiral Press, we are dedicated to publishing the finest leadership books to promote the enrichment of global human experience through effective leadership. Whether it's at work, at home, in schools, or in communities, our titles are rooted in the notion that each person, starting at a young age, can and will be asked to step up and be a leader in life. By sharing stories, ideas, and leadership mastery tools, we hope to support and inspire those with the courage to make the world a better place.

The Triple Spiral

Our logo, the Triple Spiral, is an ancient symbol coming out of the Boyne River Valley in Ireland and found on the immense Passage Tombs that predate the Pyramids by about a thousand years. It is a mysterious symbol that some say represents life, death, and rebirth in one holistic and integrated form. For us it symbolizes the belief that leaders can always find a way of unifying two sides of a polarity by promoting a third option, one that honors shared humanity and Common Heart.

Dynamic Spiral Press is a book publisher born of the desire to put life-changing, yet practical, knowledge in the hands of more people. Our job is to help you live a more powerful, joyful life.


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