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Praise for Courage in the Valley of Death

"Dusty's new book poetically and powerfully touches deep truths about being human. It speaks to us from his mission, to help awaken the courage to fully express our life and heart's purpose in order to live with inspiration and passion."
Mitchel G., President, Quantum Achievement Programs

"This book is powerful and empowering. It invites introspection, creating a sense of urgency to acknowledge our fears and act courageousuly. It is a good foundation for helping anyone reflect on position in life, the choices being made, and action taken. It is a call to action that is inspiring and meaningful." 
Catherine S. L., Senior Vice President, Human Resources, ICMA-RC

"This inspiring yet challenging story is a must-read no matter what life stage you are currently in. It's amazing how Dusty can communicate such a life-changing idea in such a simple way. Thanks for helping me discover my life song."
Nick M., Owner-operator Chick-fil-A™ at Four Seasons Town Centre

"This beautiful book is soulful, true, and inspiring. It is a poem and a scripture. Death happens to everyone. Dust is an eloquent teacher of courage, using death to know how to live a life truly worth living. In these pages, he leads us deeper into the courage to shed the bondage of fear and live an authentic life, the life that is your richest, fullest self. These words call you to be true to your deepest self to know the joy of a life well lived."
Leif R. D., Licensed Professional Counselor 

"This is not a book to read once. It's a bedside book you need to open many times. It is the ultimate reminder. If you find the heart to practice the small acts of courage, this book has the potential to change your life. Thanks, Dusty, for playing the reminder role in my life." 
Nikos B., Managing Partner, QED Group

"Courage in the Valley of Death has great application for leaders who can get so focused on work and advancing the goals of an organization that more critical factors in living are missed. It was a timely read for me coming from a funeral and reflecting on my life and work. It is powerful, insightful, a true value-added book."
Worth S., CEO, Canopy Partners

"In this engaging though lesson, Mr. Staub employs personal experiences, classical references, and old-fashioned common sense to help us leave our comfortable ways and live our precious lives with courage. To be read in one sitting, and repeatedly, it can be source of energy and revival for us all."
Dr. Mark S., Clinical Director, Greensboro Radiology

"Courage in the Valley of Death is a must-read for anyone looking to improve themselves and be inspired. It helps you look deeply within to define how you are living and would like to live your life."
Neil T., Director, Wildlife Division, Nez Perce Tribe

"Dusty's book is a quick and easy read that expresses a core truth - the experience of living is all you have at the end of life , and you are the author of that life. He makes the point that courageous living is a choice everyone needs to make."
Wayne Gerber, president, Sungate Advisors, Co-Author of Dynamic Focus: Creating Significance & Breaking the Spells of Limitation

"Courage in the Valley of Death is both inspiring and thought provoking. Courage and fear are a good push-pull, like yin and yang. I like fighting for courage. I almost think it makes me who I am. But fear does make me second-guess, to search for the right answer. The struggle to get to courage helps me find the final truth. This book reminds us to be faithful to our beliefs, as, long term, it brings a deep sense of personal authenticity."
Ed G., Gabriel Group, Former Ambassador to Morocco